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What to bring to a clothes swap

What is a Clothes Swap

I recently have hosted several clothes swap parties at my home and I love them! They provide a good way for me and my girlfriends to get together and shop each others' closets. … Read More

extend your wardrobe

Extend Your Wardrobe

Can you extend your wardrobe before catching the sales? Are you getting the most out of your working wardrobe? Can you find ways to extend what you have in your wardrobe … Read More

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make money blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

I get this question often: How do you make money blogging? I used to not know know how to answer that question because I looked at my blog as a way of sharing FREE information about beauty and style. This was many moons ago. Anyhoo, I’ve woke up since the last moon and here are […]

How to start a wordpres blog

How to Start A WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes

When I created my blog in 2007, I didn’t use a lengthy tutorial. I remember it being really easy and quick. I just hit the “Start Here” button on the Blogger website. Then I started writing blog posts whenever I felt inspired. My posts were mainly about makeup, skincare and the latest styles I was […]

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