5 Ways to Turn Your Passion Into Income
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“I am a creative butterfly who enjoys the creative process of coming up with ‘outside-the-box’ ideas. I’ve always been told as a child, that I needed to focus on just one thing, so I decided to put that creative energy to use by helping other entrepreneurs come up with ideas to showcase their talents. Make Me Over, Eb is the platform that allows me the freedom to do that.”

“In the past 10 years I’ve used my experience as an image consultant, front-end web developer and blogger to work with clients in various industries to bring their businesses and projects to life on the web. I enjoy working with other business coaches, consultants and other creatives in the beauty, interior design, consulting, tech and real estate industries assisting them to keep their brands fresh online.”

I look forward to working with you, too.

Eb – Speaker, Trainer, Coach

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