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Eb cooking in kitchen

How to Host a Beauty Brunch

I love a good brunch! Actually, I really just like breakfast, but brunch sounds way more cooler. So, I have decided that all MMOE events this year will be brunches instead of lunches. Our first brunch … [Read More...]


Heart Secrets Radio Show Jan 13

A New Year and A New You in 2015!

As we approach the middle of the January, it's not too late to plan how you will change this year. I was delighted to be featured as a guest of Angela Carr Patterson on her weekly podcast Heart Secrets Radio. I shared the latest hair and makeup trends that … Read Full Article

makeover tip - adding shine to black

Makeover Tip: Adding Shine to Your Basic Black

Quick tips to add shine to your look. This is for us who wear A LOT of black and who wear glasses. I've had this jewelry for several years and am bringing it back out to start wearing again. #sparkle2015 #feelpretty #makemeovereb 1. Wear silver jewelry. Go … Read Full Article