Vacation Ideas to Unwind and Renew

Every now and again, you will need to take a break to unwind and renew your energies. Just like a car eventually runs out of gas or needs a tune up, your body and mind [...]

July 28, 2016|Living|

Three WordPress Themes for the Natural Hair Blogger

This post is for the natural hair blogger (or really any fashion/beauty blogger) who wants to start selling products, clothes and accessories on their blog site.  First of all, let's just all admit upfront that [...]

Makeup Tips for Busy Moms

Beauties who are busy being super moms, who could care less about the latest fashion trends, still want to sparkle. My crafty friend Shanika who is a mother of two boys both under the age [...]

May 9, 2016|Beauty, Beauty & Fashion|

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Business

I've always had the desire to start a business. At 15 years old, I was inspired by the literary series "The Baby-sitters' Club to start my own business.  So I called my friends together. We decided [...]

May 9, 2016|blog, Business|

Using Canva to Create Flyers

I think most of us at some point in our life had to create a flyer for an event like a baby shower, family reunion, going-away part or to sell our car.  I typically would [...]

April 1, 2016|Branding, Branding & Business, Tech|