Television celebrated itself Sunday and toasted the town. Ugly was the new pretty, and everyone was in gowns. Ok, so enough of that. Let’s talk about what the Emmy guests’ hair looked like.

Simple. Classic. Grey's Anatomy
Eric “McSteamy” Dane of Grey’s Anatomy and Rebecca Gayheart of Is-She-On-TV-Right-Now fame are rocking simple styles. Him a nice cut (which is never wrong) and her, an elegant updo. Hey, what is there left to say?

Kimora Lee SimmonsMane Attraction.
So, Kimora Lee Simmons is indeed living the Fab Life. While I would have rather seen her in an elegant updo, she stills rocks it with this mane attraction.

Forgiven. Grey's Anatomy
I fogive you, Chandra Wilson. Not that you need it because you are on a hit show. You may have slipped up at the BET Awards, but you came correct for the Emmys. You are actually tapping into your fabulocity! Yes!
So, we didn’t get our invitation to the Emmys. However, I’m sure there is some cocktail party, after-work social or wedding that you’ll be attending soon. Do you know how you’re going to style your hair? Are you going to attempt to style it yourself? Remember, these are your red carpet events, so go glam ’cause you know the camera’s rolling.