I am always in search of the perfect bra.  You know the one that gives you the perfect support so that you can run around with the confidence that you’re not going to “spill out” of.  Let’s face it, as we get older the “girls” are not as perky as they use to.  We may find that we need a little push up and added support.  So I was excited when the Bring It Up® reps contacted me to try their product the Breast ShapersTM.   According to the manufacturer, the Breast ShapersTM were “specifically designed to lift from the top using Bring It Up’s® patended method resulting in perfectly shaped, uplifted breasts.”  The shapers come in two sizes A/B and C/D (which represent your cup size), and is available in four colors (clear, nude, coffee and espresso).

After getting the product in the mail, I was a little disappointed.  The product looked a little flimsy to lift a size D, but I tried it anyway.  So I asked two MMOE readers test the product.  They tried the A/B size.  While they both thought the product was good for nipple coverage, they didn’t feel like it provided the lift they needed.  They tried the product with and without their bras.  Both felt that it would be good in a strapless dress.  However, after wearing the product several hours, they felt the product slipping.

So the company sent another product with a stronger adhesive for the two women to try.  Then the thought occurred to me, “Women don’t want to have their breasts taped up.”  That just seems uncomfortable.  It’s too hot in SC to be wearing any type of adhesive on your breasts with or without a bra.  I’m just sayin.  If you don’t agree, go try the product and let me know if it works for you.  You can purchase it online.

However, it ain’t all bad.  The product can be washed and reused up to 25 times.