Make a Statement with Your Purse

A great way to upgrade your style is to get a purse that is as cute as you!  Since you’ll most likely have several, make sure to add a Nana bag to your collection.  Nana by Sally are cute purses that  “are 100% handmade in a variety of styles and in a wide array of colors and fabrics.”  The fabric used is from vintage, vintage-inspired and designer fabrics.  I love the fact that there are no two pieces in the Nana collection that use the exactly same fabric.  Nana purses start at $60.

Nana by Sally

Nana by Sally (Sally is pictured in top right)

I had the pleasure of meeting Sally, the owner/designer at a recent All Local Farmers’ Market at 711 Whaley St (Columbia, SC).  She was as delightful as her colorful collection.

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