I will be the first person to tell you that I have no time to work out. I mean how can I tear myself away from the computer, tv, life, or the next fashion event. There is just too much on my plate! Of course this is an excuse I know I’m making because of the dread of the “gym”.

Yet, I find myself signing up for Planet Fitness, a gym that promises to be a zone of no judgement, no contracts, and a comfortable atmosphere.  I figured I’d try Planet Fitness out, since my other gym membership at the local wellness center had expired in December.  Since it’s a new year, I wanted to try something new (or maybe it was all the promotion during the Biggest Loser this season and Planet Fitness is in my subconscious mind).

At any rate, I’ve joined and I like it, especially the 30-minute workout express station. Who knew that I could get a total body workout in 30 minutes?! Of course anyone who is an exercise enthusiast knows that, but I ain’t that so, whateva! I absolutely LOVE this whole concept! (Exercise enthusiasts stop rolling your eyes!)

Planet Fitness 30 minute Workout

My Planet Fitness 30-minute Workout

In the 30-minute session you work out at 20 stations alternating between 10 step stations for cardio, and 10 weight machines (5 for arms, 5 for legs). Time at each station is under 2 minutes. When the traffic light in the area is on green you can do about 12 reps. When the traffic light is red, you switch to the next station in numerical order.

I like this concept because it gives me direction, and 30-minutes can go by pretty fast. This is great if you think you have no time to work out.

I think I might kinda like this working out thing.