What I learned from Victoria’s Secret

Whether you liked the Victoria’s Secret fashion show or not, you have to admit that bras and panties rule!  Yeah, I said it.   Nothing like some comfy undies to take you thru the day.  Really, what you wear underneath your buttoned-up shirt will in fact ‘shape up’ what you have on.   Is it time for […]

Oh, so you’re not pregnant?

Oh, if I have to hear that one more time, I will absolutely scream! Just because my belly is a bit round, doesn’t mean that I am with child. It’s just that I am just you know having some issues where I look like I’m prego. So what’s a girl to do? Do I tell off the little old […]

Bra Burning

I am all for wearing a bra because I don’t like how the garment looks on a woman without one. I recently read an article about the advantages of not wearing a bra. The overall consensus is that we are ‘free-er’ without one. It’s like going commando for women. So, if you’re one of the […]