Product Review: Bring It Up Breast Shapers

I am always in search of the perfect bra.  You know the one that gives you the perfect support so that you can run around with the confidence that you’re not going to “spill out” of.  Let’s face it, as we get older the “girls” are not as perky as they use to.  We may find that we need a little push up and added support.  So I was excited when the Bring It Up® […]

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What I learned from Victoria’s Secret

Whether you liked the Victoria’s Secret fashion show or not, you have to admit that bras and panties rule!  Yeah, I said it.   Nothing like some comfy undies to take you thru the day.  Really, what you wear underneath your buttoned-up shirt will in fact ‘shape up’ what you have on.   Is it time for an undie makeover?  Could be.  Ask yourself:

Do my underwear ride up when I walk from my car to my front […]

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Oh, so you’re not pregnant?

Oh, if I have to hear that one more time, I will absolutely scream! Just because my belly is a bit round, doesn’t mean that I am with child. It’s just that I am just you know having some issues where I look like I’m prego. So what’s a girl to do? Do I tell off the little old lady (who just wants to see someone else create life because she no longer is able)? Do I just take the […]

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Bra Burning

I am all for wearing a bra because I don’t like how the garment looks on a woman without one. I recently read an article about the advantages of not wearing a bra. The overall consensus is that we are ‘free-er’ without one. It’s like going commando for women. So, if you’re one of the feminists (or just like to be free) who disdain the societal conformity that a bra confines you, here are some […]

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