Three Lessons I Learned in 2016 About Life and Makeup

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2016 was a year with good days and not so good days. There were days I was intensely focused on my personal and professional goals, then there were days I was just burned out from life. Sometimes my cup runneth over with joy, and then there are times when I was running on empty. Nevertheless, I am thankful for all the lessons that I was able to learn so that I could step into 2017 with clarity.

Here are a few lessons I learned in 2016.

Sometimes your eye makeup will break if you drop it. 

Things happen. It’s ok. No one’s perfect. We will have setbacks if you drop the ball. I’ve dropped the ball a few times this year. It was disappointing, but I have been able to move past the setbacks and forward. (BTW, there are a 1000 ways to repair broken makeup on Pinterest.)


Your makeup will smear if you put it on when you are sleepy.

Learn to rest when you need to. It’s ok to take a break to recharge. I burned out physically and emotionally mid year and learned my lesson. I’m scheduling a few breaks thru out the year. (BTW, I stayed in a treehouse this year for the first time and it was very relaxing and perfect.)

Sometimes all you need is one good lipstick color and lip balm.

This year I began the process of simplifying and decluttering my life. I was reminded that I needed to let go of unnecessary baggage that was holding me back, such as debt, negative feelings of my self-worth and stuff that didn’t bring me joy. The simpler I keep my life, the happier I feel. (BTW, here are a few ways to begin decluttering your life via Pinterest.)


Thanks for joining me on this journey and letting me share with you. I look forward to sharing more lessons I learn along the way.

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