Demonstrate your expertise with video and build your personal brand

Attract clients to your services, courses and events with thought leadership content in long and short videos posted to your website and distributed to your social media accounts and email list.

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Become a thought leader

"I don't have time so I need someone else like Ebony who can create great content, great videos. She can splice up my video, she tells me what to make in terms of videos with great interviewing and then takes that information makes it into content and I'm getting lots of clients coming in."
Client - Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards
Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards, d.o.
Physician, Abundant Life Concierge​

3 Ways to Use Video

Video helps your prospects see that you are a real person. And video helps you engage with your clients.

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Answer Questions

Answer client's frequently asked questions to demonstrate your expertise.

Creating content that converts

Engage Prospects

Short video clips shared to your social media accounts build interest in your services.

example of filming a youtube video

Teach Lessons

Educate your members and clients in tutorials, trainings and explainer videos.

Ebony Looney - Coach, Web Designer, Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Ebony Looney.

I’m a business and marketing consultant who teaches digital marketing.

In the past 15 years, I’ve worked with health, wellness and beauty service providers, to leverage their website and social media content to bring awareness and attract prospects.

And now I want to teach my process to other small business owners who want to get more awareness for their business without having to rely on the traditional marketing agency.

How the process works

A proven system and process to create thought leadership video content that attract clients to you and positions you as the expert in your industry.

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Prioritize Content

Decide what you want to be known for or promote for the next 90 days

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Plan Video

From simple studio setup to scripting, we help you get ready to record

example of filming a youtube video

Produce Video

The fun part of the process. Just show up either on zoom, we'll do the rest.

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