Techie Girl with the Lipstick Podcast Episode #2 – Shambi Broome

In the 2nd episode of the “Techie Girl with the Lipstick” podcast, I chat with Shambi Broome, web developer and founder of Web Gyrlz Code about how the changing tech trends of web development and how we ease the overwhelm of it all.

About Shambi: Shambi Broome is a web developer with over 15 years experience that is passionate about teaching kids to code. She founded Webgyrlz Code, a South Carolina-based 501(c)(3) non-profit program to encourage girls to explore careers in tech in fun ways. Webgyrlz Code provides training to girls in grades 3-12 to teach them how to code a web page using HTML5, CSS, and create animations and games using Scratch Programming.

Show Notes:

  • [00:01:06] Shambi talks about how she started Web Gyrlz Code

  • [00:07:18] “The school districts are bringing in these different programs but there’s still this disconnect of real world application.” Shambi

  • [00:07:55] “If you can learn HTML and CSS then you are able to learn other programming and coding languages. And helping kids to connect that to what they like.” Shambi

  • [00:16:03] We talk about the use of social media as a marketing tool.

  • [00:24:44] “If I felt get overwhelmed I’ll step back and really identify.” Shambi

  • [00:29:25] We talk about building apps and whether a company needs one or not.

  • [00:39:00] We talk about our image and branding as professionals

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Here is a video snippet from our podcast.


Filmed and recorded (in May 2019) on location at the ‘smartspace’ Uptown Rising located in Columbia, SC. “The venue offers private office space, co-working and meeting space, as well as a charming backyard for outdoor events.”

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