#4 – Building Systems in Your Business and Creating a Career You Love with Beth Ruffin

In the 4th episode of the “Techie Girl with the Lipstick” podcast, I chat with Beth Ruffin, author and career coach about how to build systems in our business, not try to do it all and create a career we love.

Ebony and Beth Ruffin talk on the Techie Girl with the Lipstick Podcast

About Beth: Beth Ruffin is an author, speaker and business coach who teaches others how to be inclusive in business. Beth has spent 20 years in Corporate America with experience in Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology. She has a proven track record in strategic planning, diversity & inclusion, project management, mentoring, customer relationships, and career advancement. Beth has spoken at Walt Disney World, Culture Con, the National League of Cities, Columbia College, the University of South Carolina, and at the Diversity Best Practices Conference.  Connect with Beth on LinkedIn or her website at BethRuffin.com.

Show Notes:

  • [00:03:05] “You don’t have to do everything yourself.” Beth
  • [00:03:14] “I could have gone through the process of trying to figure it out myself but I’m a really huge proponent in not recreating the wheel so work with an expert in that field who can help you with that.” Beth
  • [00:06:53] “Sometimes I get the superwoman complex where I can do everything myself. And usually what happens is I put myself last. So I’m saving everyone else but I’m not paying attention to my own kryptonite. I’m not paying attention to my own self and so what that virtual assistant helps me do is put myself on my to do list.” Beth
  • [00:11:39] Beth explains her system of helping women decide where they want to be in their career and how to get there.

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Filmed and recorded (in July 2019) on location at ConverSpace, an affordable, accessible space nestled in Northeast Columbia, South Carolina in the Village at Sandhill. ConverSpace hosts events to support businesses and provide space for meetings, workspace and training.

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