Travel Post: My Experience with Backwoods Camping at Congaree National Park

I spent the first day of October doing something I never did before. My husband and I went backwoods camping in the Congaree National Park in Columbia, SC. With everything we needed was on our backs, we hiked five miles (2 hrs) on the River Trail, found a spot and then set up our camp. This was completely out of my comfort zone.  The next morning, we got up early, prepared breakfast then hiked another 5 miles back to our car. This took about 2 hours. (Sidenote: The entire River Trail is 10 miles.)

During the hike, we climbed over trees, walked under limbs and even saw a warthog running in the forest. Yeah, I was scared! I never saw a warthog in the ‘wild’.


I helped set up our tent. It took about 10-15 minutes to set up. Super easy.


The next morning hubby cooked breakfast before sunrise. Breakfast was delicious stone ground grits, spam and coffee. We used our headlamps for light during the dark.


When we came to our car, my husband asked me if I felt accomplished after our microadeventure. He asked if the thrill of completing this was worth more than the anxiety I had before taking the trip. I couldn’t help but answer, YES!

View the video highlights below or link here.

This little trip reminded me that it’s ok to be scared when facing new challenges and sometimes it’ll take getting out of our comfort zones.

So as you tackle this new month of October (and today), what will help you get over your comfort zone?

My B3 tips:

Beauty Tip: It’s ok to go natural. Being in nature helped me appreciate that I don’t have to be all made up all the time. However, my comfort level is important. I still felt cute in my trail walking gear. I wore my running compression pants, running thermal top, hiking socks, trail running shoes and bandanna to keep the sweat out of my eyes. I still matched! What about you? What’s your comfort level when it comes to your natural beauty?

Branding Tip: While branding your business make sure that it comes as natural and authentic to who you are and who you are serving.  If it doesn’t resonate with you, know that it won’t resonate with others. Does your website, business cards and social media presence reflect your authenticity?

Business Tip: Does your business methods reflect who you are? Is it disorganized all over the place? Do you have simple systems in place that can help you move forward with ease and flow.

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