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We make the tech simple so you don’t waste time. You now have more time to focus on building your business. 

"She showed me how to do it myself. I'm not tech savvy at all. So she showed me how to fix those broken links change out those pictures, center things. I am amazed would be an understatement and what's more amazing she showed me how to do it in just a couple of hours."
Salon Owner
"The focus, clarity and dare I share excitement was transformative. I am well on my way of an intentional and strategic plan for my websites. Listen to Ebony, she knows website marketing and so much more."
roshanda pratt
"I don't have time so I need someone else like Ebony who can create great content, great videos. She can splice up my video, she tells me what to make in terms of videos with great interviewing and then takes that information makes it into content and I'm getting lots of clients coming in."
Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards, D.O.
Wellness Center Owner

Testimonials from our clients

"Ebony took the extra steps to ensure CARBRA’s website was comparable with our competitors in the industry and she delivers timely as agreed. I would recommend Ebony because of the quality of services she provides and her knowledge of website design and production."
President/CEO, CARBRA Construction and Design, Inc.
"I wasn't doing it by myself so having an accountability person somewhere where I didn't have hold ups. You removed the barriers. And being able to have a system for pushing out content."​
Marquicia Pierce, Phd MBA, owner of Ruby Leaf Media
Life Science Consultant, Ruby Leaf Media​
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