Add Color to POP!

I have to admit that I wear a lot of black. Fifty percent of what I wear is black. This is perhaps why I love White House/Black Market. They have so many different varieties of black and white together that are stylish and classy. However, even with this elegant style, I get bored. Without going out and buying more clothes, I hunt through my wardrobe to find something that will break up the “standard”. So I add a red necklace and earring set one day to the classic black dress; or a teal colored sleeveless top paired with my black trousers along with a pearl necklace. I’m finding that there are things in my closet that I haven’t worn in a while that I can “renew” and reinvent with an otherwise standard look.

MakeOver Monday – Gowns Under $100

Another a good Make Over Monday with Rose Reyes. This week she shares three ideas for inexpensive wedding dresses. Kathi Chandler from AllyKat Style stopped by to tell us about her upcoming wedding, too.

True Beauty – I’ve given up

OK, I’ve slacked off in writing about this show – True Beauty. Is it wrong that I don’t care. I’m trying to sit through it, so that I can post a decent update. The show just isn’t keeping my interest. I just don’t find it attractive anymore. I want to tell the TV show, “I’m just not that into you.” How do you break up with a TV show”?

I guess I just did – over the Internet. See who got kicked off this week.

What is true beauty?

That has been a question people have asked for years. The answer is usually not about what someone looks like. I found a series of interesting articles when I logged on to MSN this morning, that explores the question of true beauty. Of course since this is sponsored by Dove, I assume that if I use their products, it’ll bring out my inner beauty. We’ll see.

True Beauty – 2nd Week Review

Another Beauty (Ashley) is gone. Aw shucks, the girl needed to go. The challenge this week had to do with stretching a $100 budget and getting three outfits for a fashion show. The cast was divided into 3 groups. Ashley’s group decided that they would get more money for the challenge by posing as a charity in order to get people to give them free clothes. THAT AIN’T RIGHT! But of course, the contestants are not aware of the TRUE intentions of the show until their demise from the show. So, how are they to know how to act? Ok, that was a joke. Check out Ashley’s video confession on from this week.