Creating a Month of Instagram Posts Using Canva

use canva for instagram

Would you like to save time creating and scheduling posts for your Instagram account?

In this post, we’ll show you how we use Canva for Instagram to create and schedule a month of posts. Creating a batch of content eases our overwhelm and frees up our time to work on other stuff in our business.

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What I will discuss in this post

Video Tutorial of Creating Instagram Posts in Canva

In the (7-minute, 49-second) video below, we show you our process of creating a month of Instagram posts.

The video was originally recorded May 25, 2020. There have been several updates to Canva since then. Subscribe to my YouTube page to be alerted of new videos.

We also include a step-by-step instruction below the video.

Steps to Creating a Month of Posts Using Canva

  1. Log in to your Canva account (on the desktop)
  2. At the top Left of the page, click on the “Templates” tab.
  3. Under the “Social Media” Section, select Instagram Post.
  4. Choose a layout that you want to use. Then select “edit this template”.
  5. You can then rename the file in the top right of the page.
  6. Then you want to select ‘add a page’ under the first graphic, then select one of the templates on the left of the menu (under templates).
  7. Repeat step 6 until you have about 7 pages.
  8. You can then add your branding and messaging.
  9. Click on Page Manager in the lower right of your screen so you can see all your images created.
  10. You can then select all images (click Command A on a mac or Control A).
  11. Then in the upper right corner of your screen, click on the copy icon. And you will now have 14 more images
  12. You can duplicate step 11 to create more images til you get 28 or more.
  13. When you finished editing your images with your content, you can select to download all images, a few or one at a time.

Now the fun part of scheduling your posts.


How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Would you like to schedule Instagram posts on Canva?

Option 1: Use Canva’s Content Planner

And as a Canva Pro user,  you can use the Content Planner to schedule posts to Instagram, Facebook Groups and Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Slack and Tumblr.

Option 2: Schedule thru the Facebook Creator Studio (now Business Suite) inside the Facebook Publishing Tool 

  • You can find the Publishing Tools at the top of your Page.
  • From the column on the left, click Published Posts, Scheduled Posts or Drafts to see who published, scheduled or drafted Page posts. You can also see who published or scheduled posts in your Page’s activity log

Option 3: You can use a third-party platform like, or to schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts.


Why I like Canva

I like Canva because it is easy to use. I can start a project on my desktop computer, then finish it on my phone. I use Canva to create graphics for my website projects, social media, Youtube video thumbnails and more.

I started with the free plan, but upgraded to the Pro plan over a year ago so that I could access their brand kit feature.

Having a brand kit that includes my logos, fonts and brand colors saves me time when I’m creating graphics.

Why You Should Use Canva

Canva is for everyone who needs something designed for personal and business use. You don’t need to be techie or even a professional graphic designer to use it.

The FREE version of Canva is great! However, if you want to schedule your posts, access their brand kit or work with a team of people, you might want to try out the Canva Pro option.

Try Canva Pro for free. 

In Conclusion

Using Canva to create a month of posts for your Instagram account helps ease the overwhelm of creating content. Once you know how you’ll categorize your posts, and the photos you’ll want to use, you’ll be halfway done.

Do you need help with coming up with ideas for posts to create in Canva for Instagram?

We’re happy to help. Schedule a discovery call with us today.

Coming soon – “How to use the Canva Content Planner”

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