Creating a Social Media Content Plan and Schedule

What can you do to ease the overwhelm of creating content for your social media sites?  Managing multiple social media accounts for yourself can get a little be overwhelming, however, breathe easy because there is a better way.  In today’s post, I’ll share my tips on how you can  ease the overwhelm in creating your content and scheduling it.

Clarify your “why”. Write it down. What is the reason you are doing all of this anyway. What will working on your business or posting to your Facebook page mean for you?

Clarify who you are selling to? Write it down. Knowing who you are wanting to reach will help you define your message. The needs of teens are different from the needs of mothers, fathers and grandparents.

Clarify how your services are helping to solve a problem for others? Write it down. Getting clarity on how your services help solve a problem, will help you promote it better.

Clarify your message. Write it down. What are you really trying to say? If someone asked you today, what would you say? Is it clear? Does it make sense to you? Don’t be afraid to get help putting your message into words that appeals to those you are trying to serve.

On paper create a schedule for the next week that speaks to your audience, inspires them and helps them using your services. Your posts can be photos, text or both.

Use to create your graphics. (How to Create Flyers and Graphics Using– Instead of recreating the wheel, use templates that work.

Use a scheduler tool like the Buffer app to schedule your posts. Batching your posts for the week can save you hours of time. Having your core posts scheduled will give you time to work on other areas of your business. If you want to jump in “live” on certain days, schedule that time, too.

As you create a system for marketing your business online, you will start to feel more productive. Being productive helps you stay organized and focused on what’s important. Good systems in your business will come in handy when you need to bring on additional help.

So, what systems do you have in place for your online marketing?

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