Five Fab Finds

I’m starting something new today. From time to time, I’ll post some my my Five Fab Finds that I’ve been enjoying or reflecting on lately.

What to Wear
Talbots Sailboat-Print Dress – It’s my newest favorite dress of the Summer and I wear it a LOT. It’s comfortable, has pockets, flatters my curves and it’s WASHABLE. I don’t mean to scream, but this is a plus because who has time to go to the dry cleaners all the time. I wore it when I spoke at the Charleston Natural Hair Expo in June 2016. It looks great with heels, wedges or flip flops. You can get it on the Talbots website while it’s on sale. I wish they had the dress in more prints and colors.

Eb in Talbots Shirt Dress at Charleston Natural Hair Expo 2016

Soul Stirring
“Let it Go” by James Bay – That voice and acoustic guitar!


Person that Inspires Me (in Business)
Marie Forleo  (@marieforleo) – I just love the positivity and insightful business tips that Marie shares on your YouTube show “Marie TV”. She’s been seen on the Oprah show, Super Soul Sessions and has interviewed top influencers such as Tony Robbins. Here’s her latest tip on how to get comfortable charging for your services. >

Person that Inspires Me to Be Confident
Gloria Mayfield Banks, the #1 National Sales Director in Mary Kay Cosmetics, gave an electrifying speech at the Mary Kay Seminar for the Emerald division. I wasn’t able to be there live, but watching it on Facebook Live was powerful! Hearing her talk about her success despite the setbacks of domestic violence and dyslexia is inspiring to anyone trying to overcome the odds that might be stacked against them.

Whole 30 Healthy Eating Challenge
My husband and I are starting the Whole 30 healthy eating challenge in August. The plan is supposed to “reset” how you eat, help you think about why you eat what you eat, and see how certain foods affect your mood and health. It eliminates bread, dairy, sugar and beans from your diet. This will be a challenge for me because I LOVE sugar and bread. However, the plus side is that there are a LOT of other foods such as potatoes and eggs that I CAN eat. I can live with that. I’ll try to blog/Snapchat the whole process during the month. This will take a good amount of meal prep in our household. This will be good for me in learning to discipline myself with food.

So, there you have it my Five FAB Finds for this week.