Five Things Every Speaker and Life Coach Should Have On Their Website

If you want to promote yourself as a speaker or life coach, you should have a website.

You want a website that quickly tells others who you are, who your services are for, how you help your clients, testimonials and a way to contact you.

In this post, I will share a few speaker page examples and five things you should have on your website if you want to promote yourself as a speaker and life coach.

Five Things Every Speaker and Life Coach Should Have on their Website Pin

* Please note, this post will include some examples I’ve used with my clients as well as affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you make a purchase (at no extra cost to you) thru these links.

Here’s the type of content you should have on your website if you are a speaker or life coach.


1. Video of You Speaking On One of Your Topics

Do you have clips from YouTube, Facebook or Instagram that you can share on your website? Video is a powerful tool to showcase your delivery style and position you as a speaker.

2. A List of Your Core Topics

Include a list of three or five of your core topics you speak about along with descriptions of each one.

In the example below, we created a speaker page for Deanna Bookert, a Public Relations Specialist. The page includes a list of her topics, a screen shot of her speaker sheet and a contact form.

3. Speaker Sheet

Your Speaker Sheet should include a brief bio about you, your contact information, a list of your speaker topics, the organizations you’ve spoken at, a few testimonials, your contact information, and a few pics of you. You can hire someone to create one for you or create one yourself using Canva, Microsoft Power Point or Google Docs.

I created my speaker sheet with the help of a Google Doc template I downloaded. I saved it as a pdf and linked it on my About page. Here’s a link to my speaker sheet

If you prefer something more colorful, there a host of examples on Pinterest.

4. Email Sign-up Form

Give your your website visitors a free download or link to one of your most popular videos showing them how you can help them. You can send them a weekly update with links to your blog, Facebook Live videos or Instagram updates. The goal in building your email list to build your following and stay connected to those who are interested in your topics, service and programs. There are many email marketing services to choose from, but I like the ease-of-use of Mailchimp.

5. Your Services

What are the coaching services that you offer? Whom do you offer them to? How will these services transform your ideal client? Are there testimonials to back these claims up? How much are your services? How can your clients sign up for these services? When you are as detailed as possible, you will convert more website visitors to either subscribers of your newsletter or sign up for your services.

The Coaching theme from shows how a speaker can layout their services, programs and testimonials on their website in an appealing way.

Speaker and Life Coach Theme screenshot

Bonus: A Blog.  Updating your website with fresh content in the form of blog posts will help drive traffic to your website. One of the ways Google ranks websites is based on fresh content, how many links you have back to it and relevancy. (Source:

You could also include, in the form of a blog post update, each time you speak. Include photos, videos and a summary of what you spoke about. Share the blog post on your Facebook pages (or social media sites) and in your weekly email updates to your list.

In conclusion.

Even if you are just starting out as a speaker of your topic, you can set yourself up with a professional website that can serve as your online resume. If you have been a speaker for a number of years, it might be a good time to refresh your current website content and look at ways to reach out to new audiences.

There is always room to grow.