Five Quick Ways to Make Over Your Blog and Website

blog makeover

Truth be told, I’ve made over my blog and website at least seven times since I started blogging in 2007. I started out with a maroon theme on Blogspot with a basic header, but no logo. Then decided that I wanted to keep the blog light and ‘airy’ and changed the color to a soft pink now with a new logo I created. At the time I was making all these changes, I was really just having fun testing out new blog tech tools. I eventually started helping others get their blogs started or giving them a blog makeover.

Since 2007, blogging designs have changed. With each blog makeover, I always included the use of the latest standards. I have realized that it’s ok and actually normal to have a website (blog) upgrade every year or two to stay consistent with current trends. For example, are you still using Windows XP or have you upgraded to Windows 8, or are you now on a MAC?

Here are a few ways to makeover your blog to stay with the current trends:

1:  Make Your Theme Responsive

This is probably a no brainer, but if you are still using the same theme or layout that you did 3 years ago, it’s time for a makeover. Get a blog theme that automatically changes (or responds) in size depending on what device a user is on.  How does your blog look on a phone, tablet and desktop. Most WordPress themes are now equipped to respond. It’s the new web normal.


2:  Add New Pics to the Home Page

Photos are selling point on any website. If your homepage has a slider option, add new slides to new blog posts on your site. If your blog is equipped to do this automatically, then you are already one step ahead of keeping the home page fresh!

3: Add an Email Signup Link after Posts

Add a ‘newsletter’ subscribe link at the end of each post so your readers can get tips delivered to their email. Use a service such as or to create simple emails and collect email addresses. Using your blog as a way to build an email list and grow leads for your services and products.

email signup screenshot

4: Update Your About Page

Are your goals are the as they were in a few years ago? If not, then why not update your about page to showcase what you are doing currently to highlight your skills and post new testimonials. Do you look the same as the photo on your about page? It might be time to include a new photo. Here are 10 great tips on how to write a good “About Page”.

5: Update the Menu Bar with Only Relevant Links

The menu bar is a great way to showcase what categories and pages that you want to highlight. Take off the links that you want to de-emphasize. For example if you aren’t hosting any events, you might want to remove that link from your main menu bar.

So there you have it, just a few ways to update your blog and make it new. Why not take a few hours and update your blog. Then post a screenshot of your updates to your Facebook page asking your fans what they think of the update. If you need help with updating your blog, click here to schedule a consultation with me today.

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