Five Ways to Rebrand and Restyle Your Website

restyle your website
Rebranding has to do with changing how you want your company image to be perceived, then delivering on that promise. It’s more than just putting a new logo at the top of your letterhead and website. Before any website rebranding and restyling project, it is always best to know WHY you want to change your image. Here are a few questions to ask before rebranding and restyling your website:

  • Are you changing your website to appeal to a specific or broader audience?
  • Are you adding new services to your service offerings?
  • Are you bored with your current website?
  • Did you see someone else’s website that you thought looked better than your website?
  • Have you sensed that your current website isn’t getting you the results that you expected?
  • Did someone tell you that you needed to update your website?

Here are five easy ways to restyle and rebrand your website.

1. Update the colors on your website that reflect how you want your audience to feel when they visit your website. These colors can compliment the logo, but doesn’t have to be exactly the same color as the logo.

2. Change up the photos to reflect current styles. Do the main photos on your website look dated or ‘old’? Do the main photos reflect the image you want to portray or the clients you serve?

3. Do an overhaul on your website copy (or verbiage). Words mean A LOT on a website because they can help or hurt your website SEO (search engine optimization). Also, your words will either attract or repel your site visitors. Headings that might have worked years ago for your website, might not work now if you are moving into a new direction.

Things to consider before writing your copy:

  • Who is the intended audience of your website?
  • What exactly are you trying to help them do?
  • Do you know what your website audience really wants?

4. Add a new opt-in offer.  Create and give away some free content either as a video, worksheet or special report on your industry. Opt-ins create engagement on your website, helps you build your email list and adds value.

You can create a simple opt-in offer using Mailchimp or Constant Contact to capture the emails, then send them the information they requested.

5. Update your logo. Sometimes all you need is a new logo to represent who you are. Did you create your logo in Word years ago? Does your logo reflect the new direction your company is taking? Does it feel dated?

Making a few simple changes can go a long way with your rebranding and restyling your website. Whether you decide to design it yourself or hire someone else, you can spruce up your site with a fresh new identity.