Headwrap styles

Four Simple Ways to a Style a Scarf Into a Headwrap

Headwrap styles look great on any occasion – work, play, relaxing or a special event (like a wedding).

While growing up in Brooklyn, I remember admiring how the Nigerian women in my neighborhood rocked their beautiful silk head wraps. They looked so regal and sophisticated! Although I wear head wraps on occasion, I usually like to pull the fabric into a tight bun in the back of my head. This way always seemed easier to do. Until now.

In the video below I demonstrate how I tie my head wrap using my scarf made of viscose fabric. Viscose is a rayon/cotton blend fabric (similar to Pashmina) that you can find at your local fabric store or on Amazon.

In the video below, demonstrated 3 additional quick and easy ways to tie a headwrap using different fabric sizes. This style works well on short natural hair.

Side bun tutorial

So, is this something that you would try?