Watch live here - Web Design MasterClass - 5/12/22

Build a beautiful website for your service-based business like the pros do using my proven 3-step process. And best part it doesn't matter what website platform you use.

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This Masterclass is for you if...

You want to learn how to build a beautiful website for your business

You don't want to hire a web designer

You're tired of struggling to create a website for your business.

What others are saying

She makes everything so relatable and easy to understand. Her patience level in on 100 all the while she is making it interesting!
Gina Bivens
Gina Bivens
After two phone sessions and some tough but necessary talk Ebony got me together. The focus, clarity and dare I share excitement was transformative. I am well on my way of an intentional and strategic plan for my websites. Listen to Ebony, she knows website marketing."
Roshanda Pratt - Visibility Coach
Roshanda Pratt
Video Visibility Coach

Meet Your Teacher

Ebony Looney

Ebony Looney is a creative entrepreneur. 

She has spent most of her career helping entrepreneurs build their confidence, while helping them keep their websites running smoothly and looking great!

She has provided training for small business incubators, colleges, high schools, non-profits and retail organizations in the areas of professional development, branding and technical training.

Her specialities are in digital marketing strategy and web design

Make Me Over, EB, began as an outlet to share beauty tips and has grown to be the place to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create beautiful brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for anyone wanting to start or grow a website! We want to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs make an impact on the world by using their website. Whether you haven’t started yet, you’re a complete beginner, or you’re an advanced website builder, this challenge is right for you.
This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, a magic key that will allow you to grow without doing any work, or a sure-fire way to be “famous.” If your only goal is to be rich without really working for it, this might not be right for you…

The LIVE virtual classes Thursday at 2pm EST here. It will last about an hour.

You will learn:

  • How to design a website on any platform
  • How to sell products/services on your website
  • How to maintain your website

Yes. There will be replays of each class posted in our private Facebook group.

All classes will be held and recorded using Zoom.

Interested in a 1 on 1 web designing planning session? Schedule a free planning session.