How I Create My Social Media Marketing Strategy

Using social media for fun is EASY. But how do you use it to get people to buy from you? 

When I started using social media back in 2007, it was to share pics about my life, my lunch and randomness. I eventually shared my blog posts hoping someone would read it.

Twelve years later, I use it to share stuff about my life, my lunch AND my business. All social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc have been great places to promote products, services and agendas (good or bad).

But how do you create a social media marketing strategy that doesn’t feel like one pitch or sale after another?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Social media was made to be social (not really for business)
  • Nobody likes to be sold all the time
  • Social is the ‘new’ tv

In a recent Facebook live video on my Fan page, I shared the following tips for creating a social media marketing strategy to help you get new business.

Here’s how I create my social media strategy for myself and my clients:

  1. Determine WHO my message is for (Define my target market)
  2. Determine WHAT my message is (Define my message)
  3. Determine my GOAL for each post and overall campaign (this helps you decide on a call to action in each post)
    1. Do I want to sell products
    2. Do I want to sell services
    3. Do I want them to join my list
    4. Do I want them to comment/share the post
  4. Determine HOW I want to deliver the message
    1. Photos (illustrate the message)
    2. Graphics (Images with text on top. I use to create my images)
    3. Video (64% of consumers say that that watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchasing decision)
    4. Text/link posts: Just words and words and links (which you can include a link in the other delivery methods)
  5. Analyze the results to see what’s working. Focus on the engagement and views of the post. Each platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) has a way for you to analyze your results.

How I accomplish this

I usually like to take time each month and write all this out for myself and my client. Having a strategy helps me to have clear direction and gets results.

In conclusion

I’ve received comments on posts and requests from people (who may not comment on the post) to work me. My clients also see an increase in engagement on their posts and requests for new business as well.

So is it time for you to makeover how you approach your social media strategy? It’s easier than you think.

If you need help with creating a social media strategy, I’m just an email away. Schedule a discovery call with me to see if we’re a good fit. Schedule a Discovery Call