How to Deal with Zoom Fatigue

Zoom fatigue is real. Staring at a computer all day can be tiresome. Here are some tips to help beat fatigue and keep your style.

In 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been in more Zoom meetings than I’ve ever been in since I started working from home 10 years ago.

Before 2020, I typically used video conferencing (Skpe, Zoom, Facetime, etc.) mainly for business meetings so I wouldn’t have to travel to meet a client. However, due to social-distancing requirements of  the COVID-19 pandemic reality, I’m now using video conferencing in place of in-person social visits with my friends and family, too.

I’d never thought I would see the day, I would be attending a baby shower, bridal shower, funeral, card party or even museum tour ALL THRU THE COMPUTER and ALL in one week in addition to my weekly video conferencing with my clients.

Even this social-butterfly, who can dress for a Zoom meeting in under 5 minutes, gets tired/burned out/overwhelmed with all of it. Zoom fatigue is real.

What is Zoom Fatigue?

Zoom fatigued is when you are tired and burned out because of being on a video conference calls a lot.

But here’s the thing, just like in real life, we don’t want to show up looking tired and burned out at work, we don’t want to look tired and burned out when in a Zoom meeting with our clients, where the FOCUS is our face (unless you turn off the screen).

Oops there is an option to turn off the screen. But I digress.

How to Deal with Zoom Fatigue

I have learned (of course after getting Zoom fatigued) that the best way to deal with fatigue in the virtual world is the way I deal with it in the real world – the need to take breaks and be realistic with my time.

Here’s what I started doing, and I’ve noticed a difference in how I feel.

  • Limiting business videos meetings to certain days instead of everyday.
  • Having a NO ZOOM or video conferencing day(s). These are days I will stay in my pajamas all day and not do my hair. Total chill!
  • Allow enough recharge time between video calls.

But even with the best of intentions, there are times when I’m still tired and my hair isn’t acting right, but I need to have a Zoom meeting where I need to look my best. What’s a girl to do?

Here’s what I’ve been doing when when I don’t feel like doing my hair for the next meeting.

  1. I wear a wig
  2. I alternate headwrap styles

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Wear a Wig to Stay Camera-Ready

I like wearing wigs because they allow me to change my hair style quickly without damaging my natural hair and provide a protective style when my hair needs a break. Wearing these ‘ready-made’ styles also saves me time in styling my natural hair because most times I can pull a wig out of the box, shake it, put it on and go. The best wig is the one that will compliment your face and you can wear effortlessly.

The best wig is the one that will compliment your face and you can wear effortlessly. That will depend on your personal style, the frame of your face and if you can pull it off as ‘your own’.

Wear a Headwrap to Stay Camera-Ready

I love headwraps! I turn my scarves into headwraps and throw on some lipstick and earrings (the same one each time) and I’m camera ready!

You can take just about any fabric and turn into a beautiful headwrap style. We use viscose fabric, a rayon/cotton blend fabric that you can find at your local fabric store.

In conclusion

Zoom fatigue is real, but you don’t have to look tired or burned out at your next zoom meeting. You can wear a wig or headscarf to be camera-ready quickly.

Of course, in this Zoom world, we need to remember to take breaks and practice self-care.