How to Plan a Beauty Brunch for Your Business

Hosting beauty brunch is a great way to connect with your tribe (a.k.a those interested in your message and services.)

No matter whether you sell beauty products, provide business consulting or tech services, you can host an event like a beauty brunch as a way for your tribe to connect.

People (especially women like me) love to connect over food (especially brunch). Any event around a brunch always sounds way more cooler.

We love a good experience whether it’s for business or personal!

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How to plan and host a beauty brunch for your business

You can host the brunch at your home, a favorite restaurant or a rent an event space in your home town or in a cool destination.

And in a time of social distancing, you can even host a virtual brunch using an online video platform such as Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Live or Youtube Live.  

But where should you start with planning?

All events I’ve went to (and enjoyed) had these basic components: A Good Theme, Food, Folks and Fun!

Choose a Theme that inspires your tribe (or you are passionate about)

A beauty brunch I hosted in 2015 centered around a beauty theme of feeling pretty. At the time, I was creating makeup and hair tutorials and realized that every woman wants to feel and look pretty no matter her age. So at the brunch, held at my home, we talked about hair, makeup and accessories.

The team behind the, organized by Ebbie Drayon has a yearly brunch around the theme of natural hair, beauty and wellness. The event is always fab! The food is great! And I always have a good time.


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What food does your tribe love (or you want to introduce them to)?

The key to a good brunch is the menu, whether you decide to get it catered or cook. For my brunch planning, I used Pinterest to create an idea board of menu items for the event.

Since I was doing all of the cooking, which I had fun doing, I decided to keep the menu simple with items I LOVE. So we had french toast bites, mini blueberry pancakes, skillet potatoes, a grits bar, scrambled eggs, sliced strawberry, coffee, tea, and juice. (SN: I failed to take pictures of the finished food before it was all gone.)

Tips (if you are cooking at home)

  • Purchase menu items a day or two before
  • Plan for food prep time at least 3-4 hours before the event. You’ll be surprised at how much that time will fly by
  • Get 1 or 2 people to assist with serving the food
Eb cooking in kitchen
Brunch in 2015 (pre-covid)

Who do you want to invite?

After my 2015 brunch, one of the guests mentioned that she never attended a brunch before. My brunch was her first one!  I was pleasantly surprised because I thought every southern woman brunched. I guess I was wrong. Her comment made me realize sometimes people are looking for something different to do.

So don’t think that people won’t come to your event (if they have never been to that type of event before). As long as you have a THEME they are interested in, they are more likely to come.

It’s not always about the food (although that helps a little).

Decide on how many you want to invite to your home or the restaurant you want to host it at. The benefit of having a brunch at your home is that it is more intimate and relaxed.

Since the theme of my brunch was beauty, I invited all women on my email list. I also invited women who would be interested in the topic of beauty.

You can create beautiful invitations using Canva.

More Tips for your Brunch Plans

  • Use Eventbrite to manage attendees. You can create private or public events
  • Send out an email at least one month before the event to encourage people to save the date. Then you can remind them weekly.
  • Invite a good mix of people who you know would enjoy a brunch

What activities will you have during the brunch?

Having a theme to your brunch is one thing. Planning the activities is another. In order for the event to be fun, plan out your agenda for the event. Even if you only have 10 guests attend, all guests will want to know what to expect at the event. You can generally let them know when they arrive.

For example, when guests arrived, I invited them to start eating, fixing their coffee or juice before we got into our presentations and demos. The first presentation consisted of a styling demo from South Carolina-based professional hair stylist Courtney Page Scott. Afterward guests participated in a Q&A with her about additional hair care concerns.

After a short break, I handled the 2nd presentation which consisted of a basic makeup application tutorial. (Side Note: You can choose to have all guests participate in the tutorial or have a model.)

Check out Eb!

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  • Have music to set the mood. Pandora and Spotify playlists are easy to set up and can play from your smart tv, computer or phone
  • Choose one or two activities as the focus of the event. For example, we talked about hair and makeup. Or you could have a clothes swap and a mini fashion show. Themes will get guests excited about attending.
  • Get everyone to introduce themselves and say share a positive affirmation. This breaks the ice and creates a great mood for the group.
  • Get someone to help you keep the agenda on schedule, and with cleanup (if the event is held at your home).
beauty brunch Jan 10-1
Group pic in 2015 (pre-covid)

In conclusion:

Could you see the benefit of hosting an event like a beauty brunch (virtually or in person)? We all need connections, and despite social distancing, video conferencing helps us continue to do so.

Hosting a live event such as a beauty brunch can help you connect with your tribe, build relationships, and even help you introduce new products and services.