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How to Make Money Blogging

make money bloggingI get this question often: How do you make money blogging? I used to not know know how to answer that question because I looked at my blog as a way of sharing FREE information about beauty and style. This was many moons ago.

Anyhoo, I’ve woke up since the last moon and here are a few ways I’ve used my blog as a way to make money.

1. Place ads on your website. When someone clicks on it and purchases, you can get a commission from it. #affiliatemarketing

2. Charge companies to blog for them relating to their product and services. Some call this ‘ghost writing’. I call it charging for services rendered.

3. Get sponsors. For example, a company says, “Hey, would you take pics of my products and include them linking to my website so your readers can visit my site to purchase these.” You say, “Sure, you’d make an excellent sponsor. Would you like package A, B or C?

4. Host events around your blog topic. Charge other businesses to sell their products at your event.

I will admit that this isn’t always easy, however, you can get paid as a blogger. You just have to know what your worth is, what you want and go after it. Did you find this information helpful? Let us know on the Make Me Over, Eb Facebook page.

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