How to Organize Your Home Office

Ya’ll I allowed my home office to become a hot mess last year! I got lazy with the most precious room in my home. This isn’t good because I spend about 70% of my day in my office. Slowly the office mess was affecting my mood. Or I wonder if the office was an outward reflection of how I was really feeling. Anyhoo. In the midst of making everyone over, I allowed my office to be full of clutter. Yes, this is a confession. I got comfortable with the mess that I saw until my client Amber came by and told me basically that the office didn’t reflect who I really was – which is all kinds of fabulousness.

At that moment, I accepted the truth she was saying and asked her for her advice on how to get the office together. Her experience as an interior designer was just what I needed at the time. So we put together a Pinterest idea board that include sample color palettes, other home offices I liked, as well as my current room state.

I created a plan to declutter and reorganize the office that weekend. Although the project itself is still a work-in-progress, getting started right away was necessary.

Almost done #declutter #officemakeover

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Here’s what I did.

1. I cleaned out my closet of all the junk that I allowed to accumulate. Because hubby and I are gamers, we collect a LOT of games and cards. The games were organized in another appropriate closet and everything else either was donated or tossed in the garbage.
Before and after closet cleaning

2. I painted the closet white for a clean fresh look. After painting the closet, I put a few items back in to access everything I wanted to keep.
figuring out the closet

3. I purchased a few baskets and a deluxe utility tote (from My Thirty-one rep) to organize my office supplies. Baskets make everything look organized and perfect.

(Before I purchased bigger baskets.)
closet before the baskets

(AFTER I purchased bigger baskets.)
Shelves in closet

File cabinet covered in burlap with deluxe utility tote

Closet full view

4. I add floral curtains to my windows. Floral curtains have brightened up my room for a soft relaxing look.


5. I make sure to clean up the room each week.

Office After

My peace in this room is now more welcoming. It is now a room that I feel happy to bring clients to as well as chill in myself. So, do you need a home-office makeover? Do you need to get rid of the clutter? Don’t delay. Start now and your mood will thank you for it.