How to Set Up a Video Studio in Your Home

You don’t need a fancy studio to create videos for your business.

In this post, I’ll share with you a simple way to set up your home.

I recorded a Facebook live recently showing how I turned my apartment porch into a studio.

(Disclaimer: If the noise outside gets too loud or the weather is bad, you can easily take this indoors.)

The supplies you will need for your home studio:

A good background. You could use fabric (bed sheet or 3 yards of fabric) or poster board wide enough to cover the background behind you. If you decide to use your home as your background, make sure it’s not cluttered because this could distract your audience. Be sure your background (whether it’s natural or not) reflects your brand and the mood you want to set.


Something to pin the fabric to or drape it over. In the video I’m using a garment rack. However  you can easily pin this to your wall. Use pins or nails that can hold the weight of the fabric or poster board.


Good lighting. The light should always be in the front of your face so that you are easily seen on camera. In this video I used the light on the wall and a lamp in front of me. Remember to make sure that all the bulbs are the same wattage and type. If you prefer to bypass this and buy a professional lighting kit, that works, too.


Something to hold the device you are filming from. Because your arms will get tired trying to be your own cameraman. In this video I use a desk for my laptop. For my phone I will often use a tripod. (Here’s a link to a fancy one on


Another device for your notes. You can turn your iPad into a teleprompter or a notepad that has your show notes on it. I like to have it handy with the outline for my video.

how to set up your video studio in your home pin

In Conclusion:

You can set up a professional-looking video studio from the comfort of your home. The investment is minimal and many of the supplies you might have around your home.

Adding videos to your website and recording videos for your clients can help you in building your brand.