How to Tell Your Stylist You Don’t Like How They Styled Your Hair

Disclaimer:  I love all my stylist friends.  We’re in a near-perfect relationship. However, just like any relationship, there are times we don’t agree.  So naturally, there are times when I’m not going to agree with how they style my hair, but I still pay.  I pay because they did their job, and remember how much I love them 🙂

Photo by Zalonte Smith

But dang it, I want to them know that this time in their chair, this style didn’t work for me!  What do you do as a client?  Here’s what I did (whether in my head or in reality):

  • Tell the stylist politely that you don’t like the style and to please restyle your hair.  Be prepared for the fact that the 2nd style may not be to your liking either, and you’re not getting a 3rd chance.
  • Say thank you and pay them.  Then take your comb out of your purse and restyle your hair in the mirror at their chair.  They’ll get the hint.
  • Trust that they know what they are doing and take a chance to trying something new.  You may get some compliments from this different style.  What you don’t like may be in your head (and not on your head).  Besides you’re hair is going to look different in the morning, anyway.

Generally, if you have a good relationship with your stylist, you will have few times that you don’t like your hairstyle.  The perfect stylist will usually give you a style that you can live with.  Check out the MMOE List for a list of salons in the Columbia area.