Let’s Clarify, Craft & Communicate Your Vision

  • STEP 1: Let’s Clarify Your Vision

    It all starts with a conversation of learning who you are, whom you want to sell to and how to reach them.

  • STEP 2. Let’s Craft Your Vision

    Using your vision, we create your tailored marketing plan and create digital content that appeals to your audience on the web.

  • STEP 3. Let’s Communicate Your Vision

    Thru your website, social media, email, podcasting, etc.

  • STEP 4. Let’s Collect the Data

    Looking at who is responding to your vision.

What Our Clients Say

The services that Ebony provides helps save me time. As a busy Real Estate Agent I do not have much time to post on Facebook and Instagram. Her services helps to ease the overwhelm of keeping up with my social media sites daily.

Digital Marketing Services

How we can work together

Laser Strategy Session with Eb

Designed for those who need to get clarity in how they want to communicate their vision on the web. By the end of the discussion, you’ll have a roadmap on which steps you need to take to see your vision thru.

Investment: $295

How I deliver this service: 2-hr session done via video conferencing

Live Tech Support with Eb

MMOE Marketing Plan

I (and my team) will be your remote digital marketing team for 6 months. We will help clarify your vision in order to craft a message for those who are your ideal client and communicate it using your website, social media and email.

How I deliver this service:

  • Blog Marketing – We’ll write and publish 4 blog articles a month to establish yourself in your industry to your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This helps with your SEO
  • Social Media Marketing – We’ll create a strategy and 5 graphics to post each week to your Facebook and Instagram account.
  • YouTube Page Setup – We’ll give you a strategy on what you will need to record and post to your channel.
  • Website Lead generator Opt-in offer on your website (with a 2 email sequence). (You must have a email marketing channel account such as Mailchimp or Clickfunnel)
  • SEO Audit of your website
  • Weekly 30-minute consulting and coaching session (done on Monday or Tuesday)

Investment: $3600

Payment options:

  • Option 1 – Pay in full $3,1000 (Save $500)
  • Option 2 – $1000 deposit, $434 per month for 6 months

(Client is responsible for fees associated with 3rd party software used)

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