Podcast – Entrepreneurs, Health and Wellness with Dr. Nicole Edwards

MMOE Podcast - Entrepreuneurs, Health and Wellness with Dr. Nicole Edwards

Running a business takes a lot of work and time, and can affect our health and wellness if we’re not careful. In this podcast episode of the Make Me Over Eb podcast, Ebony talks with family physician Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards about how to maintain a healthy balance between your busy life and taking care of yourself.

Podcast Highlights

  • Scheduling Self-Care: Dr. Nicole emphasizes the importance of scheduling “me time” amidst busy schedules, suggesting at least once a month, preferably twice a month or even weekly, for activities like getting nails done, taking naps, or watching TV.
  • Work-Life Balance and Entrepreneurship: Reflecting on her own experience as an entrepreneur, Dr. Nicole stresses the importance of self-care, building a supportive team, and acknowledging the changing needs of one’s body, particularly for women over 40.
  • Wellness and Healthcare Access: Dr. Nicole discusses the importance of regular wellness check-ups, honesty with oneself about health issues, finding trusted healthcare providers, and the evolving landscape of healthcare, including concierge medicine and specialized care for specific health needs like obesity.

About Dr. Nicole

Nicole Y. Edwards is a board certified family medicine and obesity medicine physician with over 15+ years experience in clinical medicine including a full gamut family medicine scope of practice to include diagnosis, treatment, and assessment. She owns Abundant Life Concierge Medicine, a medical spa, that specializes in hormone replace, weightloss management and wellness, located in Columbia, SC.

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