Techie Girl with the Lipstick Podcast Episode #3 – Tamika Washington

In the 3rd episode of the “Techie Girl with the Lipstick” podcast, I chat with Tamika Washington, community manager at the ConverSpace about what’s it like to manage an event space and be a new business owner.

Tamika Washington and Ebony Looney chat on the Techie Girl with the Lipstick Podcast

About Tamika: Tamika Washington is the owner and founder of The ConverSpace, an event space for small business owners located in Columbia, South Carolina. Follow Tamika on Instagram (@theconverspace) and Facebook (@theconverspace).

Show Notes:

  • [00:01:38] “We begin to focus more on allowing businesses to come in and have events for their clients or to launch product trainings and workshops and then we offer small business solutions so people that are just starting business or maybe just getting their paperwork…” Tamika
  • [00:03:22] “I can not run this business efficiently if I do not automate process.” – Tamika
  • [00:05:00] Tamika mentions Pocket HQ (but is referring to PocketSuite)
  • [00:14:33] “Women want to gather and talk about business or talk about how is it how does it feel to be a mom and business.” – Tamika
  • [00:21:34] Tamika talks about the benefit of companies hosting events off-site of the company’s main corporate office.

Products/Links Mentioned in the Podcast:

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Filmed and recorded (in July 2019) on location at ConverSpace, an affordable, accessible space nestled in Northeast Columbia, South Carolina in the Village at Sandhill. ConverSpace hosts events to support businesses and provide space for meetings, workspace and training.

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