Podcast – Marketing and Protecting Your Salon Business with Opal Clark

In this episode of the Make Me Over Eb Podcast, Ebony talks with Opal Clark about how hair stylists can market and protect their salon businesses. Opal Clark, a licensed cosmetologist with over 35 years in the beauty industry, shares her valuable insights. She discusses effective strategies for marketing your brand, protecting your income, and ensuring financial stability with expert advice on health and disability insurance. Whether you’re a new stylist or transitioning from another career, this episode offers essential guidance to help you succeed and thrive in the beauty industry. Tune in for practical tips and inspiring advice from a seasoned professional.

Podcast Highlights

00:00 – Introduction
02:15 – Opal’s experience starting in the Beauty Industry
05:45 – Transitioning from Corporate to Entrepreneurship
08:30 – Importance of Mentorship and Business Knowledge
12:00 – Why health insurance is the most important asset for a stylist
15:45 – Steps to effectively market your brand

About Opal Clark

Opal is a licensed cosmetologist with over 30 years experience. She helps beauty professionals brand, monetize and protect their business to build passive generational wealth! She believes that everyone deserves to be wealthy! She helps beauty professionals create a clear financial plan to build and protect their assets.

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