Online-Marketing Content Concierge Service

We’ll take your long-form content and repurpose it into social media posts, email newsletters and blog content build your credibility and get leads for your service business.

Send Content

Long form blog post created using a mix of audio, video and text with your tips, etc.

Get it Repurposed

Repurposed for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Get it Distributed

Distributed to your email list and social networks

What our clients are saying

"It helped me not think about marketing to the sense that I would have to worry about are we marketing correctly what we should be doing all that came off the plate and then that allowed me to be able to sit back and have these discussions and toss ideas back and forth
Client - Patricia Meeks-Jordan
Patricia Meeks-Jordan

Step 1: Schedule a Strategy Call with Eb

After you schedule a call, we just ask that you fill out a short questionnaire before we meet with you on Zoom to see if our program or service is a good fit.

LIVE TRAINING: Attract the right clients to your medical office using social media marketing

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