Let us Create Highly Converting Content for You

The Website Content Framework™ is our proven method to create content in a simple way that helps you demonstrate your expertise and helps you stand out from the competition so you can get the clients you want.

Who's it for?

The Website Content Framework™ is for you if you’re a small service provider, agency, consultant, freelancer or expert who wants to get off the hamster wheel of content creation.

You’ve downloaded all the guides, freebie, and templates already.

If you’re asking questions such as:

  • How do I get more discovery calls?
  • How do I stand out from the competition?
  • How do I get clients who won’t question my prices?
  • How do I get more conversions from my ads?

These are the kinds of questions you need to answer if you want to continue seeing consistent, reliable growth and build a a sustainable business.

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The Content Framework Will Help You

The result: No more feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out what to post. Not only will we help you create content your audience will love, we’ll do it for you in a way that gives you back your time.

What our clients are saying

"I'm appreciative of Ebony taking care of my business websites so I can focus on my patients."
Client - Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards
Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards
Physician, Abundant Life Concierge
"I am now the proud owner of an overhauled website that is much more focused on customer engagement. She was able to extract my ideas, and build a frame work that I would normally shy away from."
Chris Norberg
Owner, C&J Supplies

How it Works

How to Get Started

If you’re a service provider, agency, consultant, freelancer or expert with specialized knowledge, have clients with results and want to have an amazing professional website that attracts more clients… Click the button below to pick a time to speak with somebody on our team. After completing the short questionnaire, we will meet with you on Zoom to see if our system is a good fit. If you have any questions, email hello@makemeovereb.com.
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