How to Dress for Your Zoom Meeting in Under 5 Minutes

Zoom video conferencing meetings are becoming increasingly popular for business and personal use. I personally like using it to schedule all my appointments with my clients or host a game night with friends.

Having the ability to meet someone thru video conference is convenient because you can ‘meet’ anywhere there is good WiFi, and you don’t have to worry about spending money/time to travel.

According to West Unified Communication Services, “54% of the US workforce frequently take part in video conferences.” I’m one of those people.

But any convenience can bring about its own set of challenges, like What do you wear on the Zoom (or any other video conferencing tool) meeting?

If you work from home, do you have to dress up? Or is it good enough to just put on a “Zoom Shirt”?

Let me be the first to tell you this…

You should not be showing up on the Zoom video conference looking like a hot mess. The definition of ‘hot mess’ is looking like you rolled out of bed.

In this post, I’ll share some simple and quick ways to look pulled together on every Zoom video call.

But first…

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Zoom Meeting

  • Is the video meeting with a family member or friend?
  • Is the video meeting with a client or colleague?
  • What is the purpose of the video meeting?
  • How will the person on the other end dressing?

Your answer to those questions can determine how much you dress up or not. If you’re having a girls night, you might not need to dress the same as you would for a client meeting.

Disclaimer: If you have shown up on your Zoom calls ‘out of sorts’ or not in your professional best, I’ll also tell you, that’s ok. We all have an ‘off day’. However, ‘hot mess’ shouldn’t be your norm.

** Disclaimer 2: This post will contain affiliate links. If you click on the links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

My Tips for Dressing for Your Zoom Meeting in Under 5 Minutes

Create your signature uniform. Have a go-to outfit that you always look great in on camera. This can be your meeting uniform. You won’t have to guess what to wear each meeting, you can pull out that outfit and be dressed in 5 minutes. (And disclaimer, no one will know if you’ve showered or not.)

Accessorize! Have a necklace and earrings that makes you feel pretty (i.e. confident).

Style your hair in an easy style, that always look great on you. We all have that signature hair style that we look great in. Or if you’re like me, I’ll put on a wig or headwrap in a minute to save me time. Done!

MakeupI always feel more confident with my favorite lipstick on, but sometimes, I will only wear chapstick. Since the camera will be on your face, it’s important to not have dry lips. Yeah, dry lips can be a distraction.

In conclusion

It doesn’t take a whole lot of time to look great on your video meeting. You’ll find that a little goes a long way and you’ll make a good impression either way.

Four Simple Ways to a Headwrap

Headwrap styles look great on any occasion – work, play, relaxing or a special event (like a wedding).

While growing up in Brooklyn, I remember admiring how the Nigerian women in my neighborhood rocked their beautiful silk head wraps. They looked so regal and sophisticated! Although I wear head wraps on occasion, I usually like to pull the fabric into a tight bun in the back of my head. This way always seemed easier to do. Until now.

In the video below I demonstrate how I tie my head wrap using my scarf made of viscose fabric. Viscose is a rayon/cotton blend fabric (similar to Pashmina) that you can find at your local fabric store or on Amazon.

In the video below, demonstrated 3 additional quick and easy ways to tie a headwrap using different fabric sizes. This style works well on short natural hair.

Side bun tutorial

So, is this something that you would try?

Protective Styling During Vacation

When I’m on vacation I use this down time to ‘rest’ my hair. I usually will style my hair in a protective flat twist style that I can wear with or without a cute scarf. This style is perfect to have if you get involved in activities where your hair is likely to get wet.

The flat twist shown below was styled by Courtney Page-Scott, natural hair stylist in Columbia, SC using the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Cream that I purchased from the local Sally Beauty Supply.

Flat Twists with Beautiful Textures

I had the pleasure of being asked to host a product meetup, Friday, March 27, 2015, at Sally Beauty Supply for interactive conversations about beauty, hair tips, product must-haves and samples for the “Flaunt Your Look” campaign. Strength of Nature will partner with Sally Beauty Supply to bring consumers the ultimate Sally Beauty in-store experience that will be tied into the “Flaunt Your Look” at the BET Awards Contest.

Here are a few pics from the event that I posted on Instagram that weekend.

I had so much fun at my event that I decided to drop in to say hello to fellow Carolina bloggers Ebbie Drayton and India Hill at their Saturday Sally locations.

It was pleasure taking part in this event sponsored by Sally Beauty Supply, Beautiful Textures and African Pride brands.

Suits & Stilettos Makeover Project (March)

In an effort to empower women who are in need, I collaborated with the stylists at Pynk Signature Salon located in Columbia, SC, to provide free makeovers, resume-writing tips and interview advice for women who are getting back on their feet. It was a labor of love. We asked people to donate clothes that women could wear on a job interview to re-enter the workforce.

The support was very overwhelming. Laura Freeman, Salon Manager at Pynk, worked with the local Women’s Shelter to invite a four women for the makeover day on March 24, 2014. Here are the before and after photos from that makeover session.





In addition to the image makeovers, the women were provided with a resume review and interview advice from myself, Ladilvia Lee (author and inspirational speaker of Discovered Angel), and Stephanie Gives (founder of the Tiffani Nina Simone Foundation).

The Pynk Signature Salon, led by Jessica Reese provide hair styling services for women in the Columbia and surrounding areas. They are located at 3928 Rosewood Dr, Columbia, SC 29205. I am excited to have the Pynk team as part of the MMOE Glam squad for my makeover clients.

When you stop in to see them, tell them Eb sent you.

Product Review: Wet n Wavy Tangle Free Leave-In Conditioner

The Wet n Wavy Tangle Free Leave-In Conditioner claims to “calm frizz, flyaways on natural curly, coily, kinky, frizzy and mixed hair textures.” The product does exactly that. I’ve used the conditioner to bring some of my afro wigs to ‘life’ again. Sometimes the hair can get matted and dull over time.

In the video below, I demonstrate how I use the leave-in conditioner on my short wavy wig to calm the flyaways.

I purchased the leave-in conditioner for $5.99 at my local beauty supply store, at the suggestion from another wig wearer. I wanted to share this review with you as you care for your wigs and hair as well. I welcome comments and suggestions on what other leave-in conditioners you’ve found helpful.


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