Summer Hair Trends – Knots, Coils, Cuts

As temperatures rise, here are three trends that can give you no fuss hair this Summer.

Messy Top Knot to keep longer hair off your neck.

Messy Top Knot

Textured Coils,  is great for the naturalista wanting to define their curl pattern.  This style takes minimum product, and looks great the longer you wear it.


Short and cropped – Cut it off!  The less the better.  Perhaps adding a little color will make this hair style pop.

Short cropped

Thanks to Deabreu Modeling for providing the models, and LeChic Hair Studio for the styling, for the WACH Fox Good Day Columbia segment. You can see the segment video below.

What I learned from working at Charleston Fashion Week

Every year I’m always excited about what Charleston Fashion Week (CFW) has to offer.  The event organizers promise that CFW is a must for any fashionista.  Some regard it as the next best thing to going to NY Fashion Week.  There are over 20 runway shows that feature emerging designers, Charleston boutiques, and established designers.  I’ve attended CFW for three of the five years it has been held.  Every year the show delivers on its promise and gets better.  The organizers have truly set the standard for any fashion event in South Carolina.  So it’s no surprise that people want to be a part of it.  Many sign up to volunteer to work on any aspect of the production just to gain experience in working with a major fashion production.

I am no different. I jumped at the chance to audition to work on the CFW hair and makeup team.  I was thrilled to be accepted as an assistant on the team for the spring bridal show.  It was exciting (and tiring) to work behind the scenes with such talented people.  (Can you believe call time was 5am?!)  I also worked as a volunteer with the show “ushers” two other days as well.  The show “ushers” are the people in black who usher people to their seats.  They usher you along to get your tickets.  They, you know, usher people.

Anyway, I expected there to be major drama to go down while working the show, and there would be some “Ugly Betty” moments, but dang, I can’t think of many worth relating.  However, there was one incident where a fashionista vomited in my section in the the fourth row.  That was interesting because homegirl just sat there and was pretty much a vomit faucet.  The police had to escort her out.  But it was all good.  The janitor cleaned up the section, and the show went on.  You know compared to my “day job” as a web developer and marketing consultant, I found working at the CFW a nice diversion from the norm.  I came away with a few lessons.

Work with the right people to bring your vision to fruition. Ayoka Lucas, is the Creative Director of the event, but she always attests to the fact that it’s the CFW team that brings the show together.

It doesn’t hurt to audition. I may not be the best makeup artist in SC, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try out to work on the hair and makeup team of a major fashion show.  I got in, and was there.  Being accepted as an assistant was good enough (for the moment).

Working with the crew of a fashion show takes the glamour out of it. Before you say you have a passion for fashion, you should get your hands “dirty”, and work in a fashion show.  My experience with helping with vomit aisle cleanup, being in the makeup tents at 5 am, and seeing a designer want to use a bandage to cover a model’s tattoo was an eye opener.  Not everything in the fashion industry is glamour.  There is a thing called work.  Can you handle some of the work?

Wear comfy shoes if you don’t plan on sitting a lot. I’m on my feet too long to be rendered cute after 2 hrs of standing from taking photos and interviewing folk at the event.

Check out behind-the-scenes photos on the CFW website.

Makeover Hotspot – Travis Douglas @ Kristyles

My Makeover Hotspot this week is Travis Douglas‘ salon chair at Kristyles Hair Artistry (652 Bush River Rd Suite A, Columbia , SC 29210, ph: 803-466-2374).

Why? Every time I sit in Travis’ salon chair I feel special.  Travis specializes in healthy hair care.  He is known for bringing his clients “inner glam out”.  He styles all hair types.  His services include custom laced-front wigs, sew-in weaves, natural hair flat-iron, cuts, color, makeup application, and more.

Travis’ Salon Makeovers

I’m thinking of doing a Music Video on loving my hair

Seriously.  Out the mouth of babes!  These little girls are talking about loving their hair.  How cute and inspiring is that?!

Sesame Street:Song: I Love My Hair

According to NPR, the inspiration behind the Sesame Street song and video was a father’s love. Click here to read about it.

Willow Smith – Whip My Hair

Maybe these little girls could talk to the ladies in Spike Lee’s “School Daze”.

Madame Re-Re’s Salon (Good & Bad Hair){Straight & Nappy}

How to Tell Your Stylist You Don’t Like How They Styled Your Hair

Disclaimer:  I love all my stylist friends.  We’re in a near-perfect relationship. However, just like any relationship, there are times we don’t agree.  So naturally, there are times when I’m not going to agree with how they style my hair, but I still pay.  I pay because they did their job, and remember how much I love them 🙂

Photo by Zalonte Smith

But dang it, I want to them know that this time in their chair, this style didn’t work for me!  What do you do as a client?  Here’s what I did (whether in my head or in reality):

  • Tell the stylist politely that you don’t like the style and to please restyle your hair.  Be prepared for the fact that the 2nd style may not be to your liking either, and you’re not getting a 3rd chance.
  • Say thank you and pay them.  Then take your comb out of your purse and restyle your hair in the mirror at their chair.  They’ll get the hint.
  • Trust that they know what they are doing and take a chance to trying something new.  You may get some compliments from this different style.  What you don’t like may be in your head (and not on your head).  Besides you’re hair is going to look different in the morning, anyway.

Generally, if you have a good relationship with your stylist, you will have few times that you don’t like your hairstyle.  The perfect stylist will usually give you a style that you can live with.  Check out the MMOE List for a list of salons in the Columbia area.

Nappy Fest 2010 Pics

NappyFest, in it’s 3rd year, is an annual natural hair expo held in Columbia, S.C. The event showcases “natural hair styles, and natural hair care products , while educating on texture, color, loc maintenance and the spirit of being natural.” Founded in 2008 by by Felicia and Tony White, the event is the place where being “nappy is natural.”

And now that I’m a natural diva, I just had to check it out. However, as I was driving back from Atlanta last week (Sunday, August 1, 2010), I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to the NappyFest at the Courtyard by Marriott (630 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC). Thankfully, I got there in time to snap a few pics.

Nappy Fest 2010 Pics1
Nappy Fest 2010 Pics2

Nappy Fest 2010 Pics3

Nappy Fest 2010 Pics4

Nappy Fest 2010 Pics5

So You Want to Go Natural?

I remember when I decided to go back to my “roots” and ditch the relaxed hair styles that I had become accustomed to. It was a freeing experience. I didn’t have to worry about dragging myself to the salon to get that “touch up”. I could just wash and go.  The natural curl of my short hair was enhanced with a little shea butter and tea tree oil.  As my hair began to grown, I tired of that style, and wanted more styling options.

As many who know me, I have since changed my hair from cute natural curly cut, to weaved-in long, to cute short relaxed cut, to micro-braided, to kinky curly, to… Hey, I love being blessed with hair that I can change when I feel like it.  Don’t you? 🙂

At any rate, I am still always on the lookout for new ways to update any hairstyle. I found a number of videos showing the versatility of styling one’s natural hair. I’ve posted one below.  However, I’m in search for a local salon that can ease the relaxed-to-natural transition.  If you know one, please share. 🙂

Short Natural Hair style

How to do Kinky Twists

How to do Flexi Rod Set

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Grand Opening of Salon City in Irmo, SC

Salon City recently had a makeover its own. Owners Patrick and Dinah Lowery opened the NEW doors of their salon at their new location in Irmo, SC. Approximately 100 people turned out in their support.