The Secret To LONG Natural Hair! (feat. Taren916, UrbanBushBabes & HeyFranHey)

When I first saw this video, I was ROTFL all over the place. I have been looking for something to help my hair grow. Who knew that all I needed was a little patience!

What did you think of the video? Do you wish that sometimes your hair would grow faster and longer? Discuss.

Fro Fashion Week Faves

Fro Fashion Week (FFW), held in the Fall and Spring, in Atlanta, GA, is a celebration of the naturalista, curly girl and fashion. The latest Fall event held September 24-30, featured festivities around Atlanta that included salon visits, a thrifting trip, fitness event, something for the kiddies, and a conference at the end of the week for hair and fashion education.

I had the opportunity to speak at the Saturday conference, attend the classy Blogger, Brands and Brunch, and the Glitz and Glam finale fashion show. All was fabulous.

The hairstyles I saw had me with some serious hair envy.  These beautiful updos were HOT. Um, I’m calling my stylist stat!

Natural Style - Envy at Fro Fashion Week Overall

Cherie Huff styled these Haute Head Scarves in her workshop.

Haute Head Scarves-overall

The Curls Unleashed Suite was a nice place to chill between sessions.

Eb-chilling in Curls Unleashed Lounge-new

Models bringin the heat during the Glitz and Glam fashion finale.

FroFashion Glitz and Glam model-overall-fave looks

My sister Brea enjoys a quick manicure in the Shea Moisture mini spa (which also offered free massages).

Bre getting her nails done in the Shea Moisture lounge at Fro Fashion Week

“Oh yes, you can touch up my hair.” Vendors from left to right, top to bottom (Beauty and Glory, Honey Chile Hair Love, Luxor Couture, Curls Unleashed).

Beauty and Glory, Honey Chile Hair Love, Luxor Couture, Curls Unleashed

Mattie James, blogger behind the popular share her tips on how to find your blogger Voice at the Bloggers, Brands and Brunch.

Blogger Brands and Brunch Fro Fashion Week Fall 2012

Tarine Boone, CEO of Naturally Me Media (and brains behind Fro Fashion Week), sitting boss-lady style next to her mom Glenda at the Glitz and Glam finale fashion show. Go head, DIVAs!

Tarin and Glenda Boone of Naturally Me Media

I’m definitely looking forward to attending the Spring 2013 Fro Fashion Week in February. Until then…

Natural Hair Transition Tips

I had the privilege of leading a workshop discussion at the Fall 2012 Fro Fashion Week in Atlanta, GA Saturday, September 29, 2012. Fro Fashion Week is a celebration of the naturalista, curly girl and fashion. The event consisted of breakout workshop sessions featuring hair styling demonstrations, tips to shop on a budget, feminine hygiene, and transitioning.

This topic is close to my heart because having given up chemical relaxers for the past two years, I’ve struggled with getting thru this so-called ugly phase. The ugly phase is that period of time when your hair isn’t doing the things you want or expect it to do. It’s not looking pretty at all.  For those that decide to go the ‘big chop’ route, this period can be when your hair is beginning to get some length to it.  The fro gets bigger, thicker and sometimes less manageable. For those that decide to cut their relaxed ends while their hair grows out, this period can be when there are two types of hair on your head.

I shared what helped me get past this so-called ugly phase while I transitioned from relaxed-to-natural. It all comes down to understanding how you view yourself, how you define ‘pretty’, and learning to work what you got (ala Mary J. Blige).

Come to grips with your genetics. Realize that you aren’t kin to Miss Jessie and ‘nem. We all have different hair textures. Your hair will not look like mine. Mine will not look like yours. Your natural hair texture will most likely resemble your mom’s, grandma, great grandma, etc. Embrace it and learn how to style that.

Embrace the carefree style without being care free. There is a certain carefree feeling that I got when I decided to cut my hair and wear it short during the Summer months. I didn’t have to worry or fuss with the style. It was short and free! While it grew out, I embraced the messy fro, but this didn’t mean I rolled out the bed and had “bed head”. I still had to put something on my tresses to bring them to life.

Put some makeup on. While your hair is growing (if slowly), the attention is now on your face.  Make it shine with makeup. Use makeup to enhance your outer beauty and draw attention to your beautiful face. Even clean skin tone is always attractive, and kissable shiny lips are just cute!

Mix it up with scarves, wigs and color. Who says you have to wear the teenie weenie fro ALL the time? Give yourself a hair break. I personally have a drawer FULL of wigs, scarves that I wear, when I don’t feel like messin’ with no hair. The goal is to feel cute, and if a wig does it one day, then so be it. Done!

See a professional stylist. During my transition period, I was also learning how to DO my hair and this was frustrating. So once in a while, I’d treat myself to hair guru to style my hair for me. While I was there, I’d ask the stylist for tips on how I can duplicate the style for later. Also, the stylist would share some styling tips with me while I was in my hair rut.

Get a natural hair buddy. Don’t go it alone. Having a friend who has gone thru what you’re going thru with your hair, can help you get thru this process. Sharing your experience with them can help you get out of that ‘ugly’ funk. My friend Jernell has been natural for years, and I just loved her hair. She shared her tips with me, and gave me encouragement.

Fro Fashion Week "Getting Past the Ugly" Workshop Attendees

The three ladies who attended my session (from left to right) are Crystal (blogger at, Jocelyn (stylist at, and Jessica (blogger at

Interestingly, during the session, a gentleman attendee had questions on how he could get past that ‘ugly phase’, too, since he is considering cutting his (long) locs and starting the hair growth process again. While most of my tips were geared toward a female audience, I shared with him some tips on how to keep a professional look while at work. Honestly, I do think that men have it easier to maintain their hair than women do. However, we all want to feel pretty (or fly!).

Thanks to Mary Kent Hearon for letting me wear her Heart Knot as an accessory necklace for the event.

Natural Hair Inspirations – Updos

If ever a hairstyle stood out at the Fashion’s Night Out event at M2 Boutique, it would be the naturalista updo. At least that’s what I’m calling it. I almost ran home to copy these styles. I like the pompadour updo in the first pic. Very chic and classy.

Fashion Night Out - Natural Hair Updo

I might need to add some hair pieces to copy the cascading side bang on the pic below.

Fashion Night Out - Natural Hair Updo with Cascading front

There is something classy about an updo.

Makeover Hotspot – Travis Douglas @ Kristyles

My Makeover Hotspot this week is Travis Douglas‘ salon chair at Kristyles Hair Artistry (652 Bush River Rd Suite A, Columbia , SC 29210, ph: 803-466-2374).

Why? Every time I sit in Travis’ salon chair I feel special.  Travis specializes in healthy hair care.  He is known for bringing his clients “inner glam out”.  He styles all hair types.  His services include custom laced-front wigs, sew-in weaves, natural hair flat-iron, cuts, color, makeup application, and more.

Travis’ Salon Makeovers

I’m thinking of doing a Music Video on loving my hair

Seriously.  Out the mouth of babes!  These little girls are talking about loving their hair.  How cute and inspiring is that?!

Sesame Street:Song: I Love My Hair

According to NPR, the inspiration behind the Sesame Street song and video was a father’s love. Click here to read about it.

Willow Smith – Whip My Hair

Maybe these little girls could talk to the ladies in Spike Lee’s “School Daze”.

Madame Re-Re’s Salon (Good & Bad Hair){Straight & Nappy}

Nappy Fest 2010 Pics

NappyFest, in it’s 3rd year, is an annual natural hair expo held in Columbia, S.C. The event showcases “natural hair styles, and natural hair care products , while educating on texture, color, loc maintenance and the spirit of being natural.” Founded in 2008 by by Felicia and Tony White, the event is the place where being “nappy is natural.”

And now that I’m a natural diva, I just had to check it out. However, as I was driving back from Atlanta last week (Sunday, August 1, 2010), I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to the NappyFest at the Courtyard by Marriott (630 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC). Thankfully, I got there in time to snap a few pics.

Nappy Fest 2010 Pics1
Nappy Fest 2010 Pics2

Nappy Fest 2010 Pics3

Nappy Fest 2010 Pics4

Nappy Fest 2010 Pics5

So You Want to Go Natural?

I remember when I decided to go back to my “roots” and ditch the relaxed hair styles that I had become accustomed to. It was a freeing experience. I didn’t have to worry about dragging myself to the salon to get that “touch up”. I could just wash and go.  The natural curl of my short hair was enhanced with a little shea butter and tea tree oil.  As my hair began to grown, I tired of that style, and wanted more styling options.

As many who know me, I have since changed my hair from cute natural curly cut, to weaved-in long, to cute short relaxed cut, to micro-braided, to kinky curly, to… Hey, I love being blessed with hair that I can change when I feel like it.  Don’t you? 🙂

At any rate, I am still always on the lookout for new ways to update any hairstyle. I found a number of videos showing the versatility of styling one’s natural hair. I’ve posted one below.  However, I’m in search for a local salon that can ease the relaxed-to-natural transition.  If you know one, please share. 🙂

Short Natural Hair style

How to do Kinky Twists

How to do Flexi Rod Set