The Process to Attract Clients Using Social Media Content

Wellness consultants can leverage their social media content to attract clients. In this training session, I share my three-step process to create social media content. Emphasizing the importance of scheduling posts, I highlight the need to first determine what services the business owner wants to offer because this will be the basis of the content topic.

Video Highlights:


  • The speaker, Ebb, specializes in helping female entrepreneurs in the wellness profession grow and scale their businesses using social media.
  • The three-step process Ebb follows with her clients includes strategizing, optimizing, and distributing content to attract prospective and current patients.
  • Scheduling posts is emphasized as a key step, but it is preceded by determining the offer and content focus to avoid being generic and better connect with the ideal client.
  • The training addresses common frustrations among wellness professionals, such as not knowing what to say on social media, lack of time for content creation, and uncertainty about what to offer or sell.
  • Eb shares her own experience of starting as a beauty blogger, transitioning to a digital marketing agency, and eventually streamlining content creation by returning to basics.

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