Three Simple Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed at Work

woman working at computer

We all get overwhelmed at times. Feeling overwhelmed means “completely overcome or overpowered by thought or feeling.”

Overwhelm can throw us off balance. But there is a way to get back on track and regain your power.

Why We Get Overwhelmed at Work

We take on more than we can handle by ourselves. Did we say yes to more than we needed to? Now we feel like we have to get it all done. Whew! We’re tired just writing that.

We expect perfectionism from ourselves. No one is perfect. But somehow we feel like we have to be. So the desire to measure up to a standard we can’t reach can cause us to feel overpowered by our feelings.

We don’t pause and rest. We feel like we have so much to do that there is no time to stop. However, just as a car can run out of gas, we can run out of energy and lose our power. This is when the flood of emotions come over us.

But there is a way to get overwhelm under control.

How to Ease the Overwhelm

1. Delegate. Outsource Your Weaknesses – Getting someone to share the load will free up your time to focus on what you do best. When your plate is full and running over, it makes sense to put some of it on another plate. The same is true with the work that you do. Could you get someone else to help you do the tasks that you need to get done? Team work makes the dream work.

For example: If you’ve been struggling to get your website up and running or implementing a social media strategy, the MMOE team can help you with that.

2. Prioritize.  Plan Your Day – Realistically, you can’t do everything in one day. Decide what tasks need to get done that day, then decide which of these is most important. Studies show that limiting your ‘to-do list’ to six things, allows you to have wiggle room to take breaks during the day and feel accomplished because you are getting stuff done. What does your day look like? Does your schedule include breaks? Does your schedule flow with your personality and work style?

For example: Could you set aside 15 minutes before going to bed to plan out your next day? Or maybe take 15 minutes in the morning while having your morning coffee to plan out your day?

3. Pause. Think Before Agreeing to Do Something –  Don’t over-obligate yourself. Let’s face it do you really need to say yes to every request that comes your way? What if you paused, reviewed your schedule then made a decision based on what you already have on your schedule? Give yourself room to breath, pause and take appropriate breaks. You’ll find yourself feeling less overwhelmed and accomplished.

In Conclusion: There is a way to ease the overwhelm in you life and business. Delegate, plan and pause. With patience and discipline, it’s possible.