Using Canva to Create Flyers

I think most of us at some point in our life had to create a flyer for an event like a baby shower, family reunion, going-away part or to sell our car.  I typically would use Microsoft Word to create the flyer for the event. However, I found it limiting. So when I learned how to us Adobe Photoshop, I thought I struck gold! I would use it to create not just flyers but GRAPHICS! Graphics is soooo much more elegant than a mere flyer.

Then a little online tool, called Canva came along and changed the graphic flyer-making game! It allows users to create their flyers, graphics, social media posts, and even event invitations from anywhere there is a WiFi connection. It’s all internet-based!

So now I’ve ditched using my Photoshop software, which is about five years old anyway, to using an online application that I can ‘take’ anywhere. In the short video tutorial below, I show you how you can create simple flyers using Canva, too.

Creating a flyer to promote your business or special event is easier using the online image-editing tool Canva. All you need is a account and a little creativity.

Happy creating!