Website Makeover

Elevate your brand with a better website

A 1-month program to help you sell more services, products and courses, faster and in a streamlined way.

What customers are saying about our training

"She showed me how to do it myself. I'm not tech savvy at all. So she showed me how to fix those broken links change out those pictures, center things. I am amazed would be an understatement and what's more amazing she showed me how to do it in just a couple of hours."​
Deloris "dee" Price - Salon owner
"Ever since fixing the few things that Ebony pointed out to me for my website, and watching the results of it, I am happy to report that things have gone in the positive direction. And I am very grateful to her for her insight."
"The focus, clarity and dare I share excitement was transformative. I am well on my way of an intentional and strategic plan for my websites. Listen to Ebony, she knows website marketing and so much more."
roshanda pratt

Trying to decide if the Website Makeover Training is for you?

The Website Makeover is for solopreneurs in the beauty, health, wellness industries want to use their website to grow their business.

You have basic knowledge of how to use a computer, the internet, and social media.

You likely have already watched 5 or more YouTube videos of how to do it, but now would like someone to assist you with it.

This program isn’t for the person who doesn’t understand how to use a computer.

This program isn’t for the person who isn’t open to learning new things.

This course is focused on what needs to be used on a website in order to build a business online (no matter what website-building platform you decide to use). 

The course is a behind-the-scenes look at my personal toolkit for designing, updating a website quickly to sell services, launch landing pages, get leads and build your email list. This course is not some “hack” or “trick” course. 

The training is focused on building a website to help you get clients. It is based on web design best practices and my 15-year experience working with hundreds of clients.

No. While this course has some helpful web design tips, it’s not intended to teach you how to design a website like a web designer. You will not need to learn how to code or use HTML. This course is intended to show you how to use a proven system that tells you what you need on your website in order to get clients, build your brand and grow your email list.

Benefits of the Website Makeover

Grow Your Business Online With Your Website

Attract Visitors

Drive traffic to your website using SEO-friendly headlines, blog articles, and lead magnets

Stay Booked & Busy

Let clients easily schedule their own appointments around your schedule. Send automated reminders to clients.

Collect Payments

Clients can pay for services at time of booking, pay a deposit, buy gift certificates and more.

Sell Your Products

Sell products, merch and more.

Create Memberships

Build your tribe and offer premium access.

Offer Classes

Get paid for your knowledge.

What you'll learn

Part 1 - Getting Started

1. Choose Host

Learn which website host is best for your business model and structure.

2. Write Your Plan

Make a list of the products, services and courses you want to launch with.

3. Create Mood Board

Organize your logos, colors, photos to create a visual of your brand style.

Part 2 - Build

4. Choose Template

The structure, visual elements, and functional components of your website.

5. Create Main Pages

These essential pages are the backbone of your website.

6. Setup Store

So you clients can pay you for digital or physical products with ease.

Part 3 - Grow

7. Optimize for Search

The words designed to help you show up in relevant Google search.

8. Add Lead Funnels

Embed your appointment calendar and add your lead magnets.

9. Launch Website

Test every page, link, form before officially launching your new website.

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