Who's the workshop for?

with specialized knowledge, have clients with results, but want to work within a new niche and industry. If this is you, then
Not Happy with Your Existing Website

* You don't share it with others
* You only share your social media
* Not sure how to find the right designer for your business

Overcomplicating Your Business

* You are trying to be and do everything in your business to save money
* Your not sure which digital platform is best for you
* You get lost in the tech side of your business

Not Getting Clients Consistently

* You don't have a way to bring in leads automatically
* You depend on referrals
* You live by project-to-project

What some clients are saying...

"After two phone sessions and some tough but necessary talk Ebony got me together. The focus, clarity and dare I share excitement was transformative. I am well on my way of an intentional and strategic plan for my websites. Listen to Ebony, she knows website marketing."
Roshanda Pratt - Visibility Coach
Roshanda Pratt
Video Visibility Coach
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